Powering Health-Tech Innovation with a Human Touch

Our name, Sanara, resonates the Latin word Sanare, which means ‘To Heal and To Cure’, and ‘To Improve, Put-Right and Settle’. Sanare, for us, is an harmonious and visionary point of view on the future of health and well-being of people around the world.


Sanara Capital is a Health-Tech fund, focusing on Digital Health, Bio-Convergence & Medical Devices Israeli startups, at their A-B investment round of financing.

Sanara Capital is a follow-on fund to Sanara Ventures, a seed-stage investment platform supported by Philips and Teva with nearly 20 active portfolio companies. Sanara Capital has the preemptive rights to all these companies, and it invests both in Sanara Ventures’ graduated companies as well as in external ones.

We are truly committed to 360 degrees of support and value creation to our portfolio companies. We do that with our core team that works closely with the companies, as well as with our global network of experts, from a range fields of healthcare and tech, who are all available for our portfolio.  

Human Talent. Digital Ingenuity. A Healthier Future.

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13 Zarhin St, Building C
4366241 Ra’anana, Israel


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